Bass Music Leader SNAILS Returns To 'Vomitstep' With New 'SLIME TIME' EP
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Bass Music Leader SNAILS Returns To ‘Vomitstep’ With New ‘SLIME TIME’ EP


Embraced by the bass music community, Frédérik Durand, better known as SNAILS, has collaborated with everyone from Skrillex and Flux Pavillion to Waka Flocka Flame and Zeds Dead. The artist has his very own SLUGZ MUSIC label, his own SLUGGTOPIA festival at Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheatre, has toured four major continents, released over 35 singles, surpassed 130 million streams and delivered over 500 international performances. Safe to say he’s been working.

Last year, SNAILS released “DEATHMATCH” with SVDDEN DEATH and the WORLD OF SLIME remix EP featuring remixes by Subtronics, Wooli, Modestep, and more before he entered a year-long hiatus of introspection and fine tuning of his production techniques. The result is his triumphant return to his fan-adored and self-created genre of “Vomitstep.”

Last month, SNAILS released “FROGKIND” which was the lead single of the project. SLIME TIME also includes two new records, “BRAINFARTS” and “GASTROPODZ,” which both put his newly-refined production skills on full display, showcasing relentless, growly bass, and punchy and maddening synths.

The project also coincides with a complete rebranding of SNAILS with updated musical storytelling and visuals. Musically, the project still features all the tasty bass his fans love but he’s also incorporated new, funky elements to it. His visual aesthetic has also been overhauled with heavy influences from Salvador Dali’s work. The gruesome monsters we all adore have been upgraded with beautiful pastel coloring.

SNAILS has shared his plans for the rest of the year, stating that fans can expect more eccentric music videos featuring the DJ in them on the way, as well as the launching of a new mixtape. So follow him on his socials to keep up with the new developments and check out SLIME TIME EP above!

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