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Barron – Where Do We Go [Listen]

Unlike numerous artists his age, Nashville-based producer Barron wasn’t involved in music during his younger years.

Barron spent much of his childhood in athletics and it wasn’t until later in life that he discovered an infatuation for music after attending Bonnaroo for the first time with some college friends. Although he has an appreciation for most styles, he specifically felt a calling towards the electronic/dance genre, and spent years learning the complexities of it while shadowing other producers before releasing his own work.

Like many others, Barron is no stranger to difficult periods of life and this played a huge role in his art. As a child he lost his mom and brother in a car accident which he struggled with for several years. When he reflects back on this dark time, one thing he always found comfort in was music. Because of this he strives in all of his songs to inspire hope and uplift those listening to it.

As a lover of dance music he enjoyed introducing friends to the genre with more contemporary artists such as Odesza, Rüfüs Du Sol, Shallou, and several others. He spent a great deal of time studying these talented creators while crafting his own sound in order to capture the hearts and ears of people who don’t necessarily listen to the genre. From his lush soundscapes, to tranquil melodies, to ambient percussive elements there is much to appreciate from this up and coming electronic artist for both lovers and non-lovers of the genre alike.

Now he releases his debut single “Where Do We Go” and officially kicks off his career as a producer in the EDM space. The lush and ambient vibes of the track are clearly influenced by the likes of Porter Robinson and is a great introduction to the up-and-coming act.

“’Where Do We Go’ is a song that was written during a confusing time in my life. I spent nearly two years struggling to create any tracks I enjoyed and still wasn’t really sure what sound I was going for. I decided to take a break from producing…, when I came back I had no expectations and I told myself I just wanted to have fun with it. The vocal stuck out to me from the beginning…From there the song idea came together quite quickly and as I neared the end of writing it I felt a sense of this track being a turning point for me as a producer. I had finally figured out the style of music I wanted to create and this feeling became more apparent as I wrote more and more.”Barron

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