Barclay Crenshaw Unveils 'Open Channel': A Sonic Journey Featuring New Alias
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Barclay Crenshaw Unveils ‘Open Channel’: A Sonic Journey Featuring New Alias

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From Claude Vonstroke to Barclay Crenshaw, the transition to this fresh alias by the founder of Dirtybird Records has been well-received within the electronic music community. With this brand new sound comes a brand new album, Open Channel, representing this pivotal shift in his musical journey. Moving away from the house music that characterized VonStroke’s sound to explore the evolving realms of bass, this album signifies Crenshaw’s return to his origins while venturing into new sonic landscapes.

Through the creation of Open Channel, Crenshaw devoted 80 days in a “transformative creative process” consisting of daily practices including “cold showers, meditation, and focused music production.” This process “was not just about crafting an album; it was about redefining his artistic identity.” Inspired by childhood memories of endless road trips immersed in the radio, tinkering with his father’s police scanner, and cherished moments with the timeless Jules Verne novel “Around The World In 80 Days,” the album embarks on a journey telling that story. It presents a diverse landscape of tones, tempos, styles, and vocalists, boldly delving into Dub, Funk, Lo-fi, and Experimental Bass genres, signaling a departure from Crenshaw’s earlier ventures in house and techno.

“This is my passion, hopefully you can hear it in the music. I really wanted to start fresh with all the influences I grew up with, from James Brown to Dj Krust.” 

    • Barclay Crenshaw

This new project’s unique identity is defined by its rich sonic obscurities and nuances, creating a robust bass music experience that pulses with an ‘extraterrestrial’ essence. The album’s vibrant layers exude warmth and congeniality, reflecting Crenshaw’s discerning A&R expertise honed over eight years of curating alternative bass stages at Dirtybird CampINN and Campout festivals.

Catch Crenshaw on tour this summer for the Open Channel Tour, or at a festival across the United States, including Chicago’s Concord Music Hall, New York City’s Webster Hall, and a specially curated event at The Caverns in Pelham, TN. 

Barclay Crenshaw 2024 ‘Open Channel’ Tour: Phase 1
  • New York City, NY @ Webster Hall – 03/08/24
  • Chicago, IL @ Concord Music Hall – 03/09/24
  • Denver, CO @ Reelworks Denver – 03/16/24
  • Detroit, MI @ Elektricity – 03/29/24
  • Phoenix, AZ @ Walter Where? House – 03/30/24
  • Los Angeles, CA @ The Mayan – 04/05/24
  • Seattle, WA @ Showbox SoDo – 04/19/24
  • Portland, OR @ TBA – 04/20/24
  • Salt Lake City @ Boxpac Project -04/27/24
  • Austin, TX @ The Concourse Project – 05/04/24
2024 Confirmed barclay crenshaw Festival Dates
  • Texas Eclipse, Burnet, Texas 04/05/24
  • SOL Fest, Ponce De Leon, Florida 05/03/24
  • Electric Forest, Rothbury, Michigan 06/20/24

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