Balkan Bump's 'Varshaver' Gets The Proper Remix Treatment By The Soulful Marvel Years [Premiere]

Balkan Bump’s ‘Varshaver’ Gets The Proper Remix Treatment By The Soulful Marvel Years [Premiere]

wE’VE DEFINITELY HAD OUR EARS ON bALKAN bUMP. Dubbed “Gramatik’s Protege,” trumpeter, and producer, Will Magid has been tearing up the scene with his unique live performances and exceptional style.

After launching the project in 2017, Balkan Bump’s success has been included tons of collaborations from like-minded musicians. Musically, Balkan Bump is a fusion of live instruments, world influences, and electronic production. His releases flaunt experience as an instrumentalist and producer, fusing energetic Balkan brass with heavy electronic and hip-hop influences.

Osmanity was the long-awaited first album from Magid that released last year. Now, the album is getting flipped on its head with a little help from Balkan’s friends.

The upcoming remix album contains remixes of original tunes with collaborators including CloZee, The Geek x Vrv, and Poldoore.

So far, one of our faves has definitely been the Marvel Years remix of “Varshaver” (featuring CloZee).

Marvel Years has long been a favorite of the River Beats crew. Widely known among the Electro-Soul community, Marvel Years’ ability to combine glitch, funk, soul, rock, and jazz makes his unique sound stand out amongst his peers. The combination of Balkan Bump’s dark and mysterious sounds mixed with Marvel Years funk vibes make the perfect combination.

Osmanity is the definitive global-music statement from Balkan Bump, combining his influences and collaborators from across the world. Marvel Years just provided the unique spin we never knew we needed. Look for more remixes of Osmanity and “Varshaver” to drop throughout March and April.

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Featured image via Balkan Bump

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