Bad Suns Bring The Energetic Mystic Truth Tour to D.C. [Show Review]

Bad Suns Bring The Energetic Mystic Truth Tour to D.C. [Show Review]

California natives Bad Suns rolled through Washington, D.C. on Monday, April 15th to support their newest album Mystic Truth.


The indie pop-rock group made themselves right at home at D.C.’s famed 9:30 Club. Fans filled the venue to near capacity, excited to dance and sing. “It sure feels good to be back in D.C., let me tell you,” frontman Christo Bowman told the crowd. It showed as the band proceeded to give a 20-song setlist including hits like “Cardiac Arrest” and newer and lesser-known tracks like “Away We Go.”

Fan Interaction

After opener Carlie Hanson warmed up the excited crowd, talented rockers Bad Suns made the night special. “You guys ready to have a good f*cking time tonight?” Bowman asked to a rousing cheer. 

The band encouraged fans to put their hands in their air, dance, and sing throughout the show. “D.C. feels like just like home tonight. Now everybody jump,” Bowman told the crowd. He even jumped onto the barricade mid-song to hold hands and sing directly to fans.

Bad Suns were able to make old fans and new alike feel right at home on that chilly Monday night. Fan interaction was not Bad Suns’ only strength, though.

A Healthy Balance

Some bands don’t know how to organize or balance a setlist. They frontload fan favorites and then perform the entirety of a new album. This is not true of Bad Suns who performed a lengthy setlist that opened with popular tracks “Daft Pretty Boys” and “Violet” and continued with a mix of new tracks and old favorites such as “Cardiac Arrest.” It concluded in a three-song encore that included another hit “Off She Goes.” They even made sure that slow songs were mixed in between upbeat dance tracks.

If you’re interested in seeing a band that knows how to work a crowd and a setlist, go see Bad Suns who are currently touring in support of their third LP Mystic Truth:

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