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Axel Thesleff Releases Purposefully Cinematic New Tune ‘Unity’ [Listen]

Axel Thesleff has come a long way since his entrance into the scene in 2014. Though known for his diverse style, Thesleff proves even further that he can master everything, including ethereal tribal bass that entrances. In this slow and meaningful track, he experiments with a variety of elements to create “Unity.” If you’re a fan of ODESZA or Big Wild, this one is for you!

Give the song a listen below:

Thesleff is no stranger to playing and incorporating live instruments; playing classical piano in 2000 helped to set him up for a wider range of sonic experimentation. Since then, he was “keen on developing his own melodies and little songs and got excited about new ideas.” As he dove into self-expression and storytelling, he also joined the likes of the prog band Octopie, which helped feed that side of his musical hunger.

Photo by: Tomas Morgan.

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