Australian Singer-Songwriter Yoste Releases New EP Single, 'Boredom' [Listen]

Critically-acclaimed Australian singer-songwriter-producer Yoste just released his new EP single. “Boredom” is out everywhere today via Island Records.

“Boredom” and its thesis statement of a hook “could get better/but I don’t like to try” describes what Yoste calls a “defeatist yet optimistic sentiment all wrapped together” and will surely resonate with his peers. The track follows his most recent release “Flaws,” a track about the painful feelings that come with a strenuous relationship, and the immense pressure that one can feel when their personal flaws seem to get in the way.

Both “Flaws” and “Boredom” come off his upcoming EP, A Few Brief Moments, due out June 5th. Earlier this year, Yoste released the first track off the EP “You Can’t Fix Me,” which tackles the harsh realities of toxic relationships, both within oneself and between people, from the vantage point of a someone on the cusp of adulthood. The entire EP was written by and large in Yoste’s Brisbane apartment, with co-production coming from Konstantin Kersting (of Tones and I’s “Dance Monkey” fame) in The Valley Underground studio.

“My current music is about being young when you’re an adult but there are still enormous mistakes you can make.  Introspection is huge for me, and in my new songs I’m trying to be more direct and less esoteric: relationship breakdowns, mental health struggles and drugs, young people struggling, highs and lows, trying to figure it all out.”

Based out of Brisbane, Australia, Yoste is the moniker of young singer-songwriter-producer Kurt Sines. With influences drawn from ambient to pop, the project’s unique and moving music has swiftly gained worldwide attention. Boasting over 85 million streams and a debut EP heralded by standout singles “Arc” and “Blue” released in February 2019. Finding inspiration and kindred sonic spirits in the emotional music of diverse artists like Jonsi, Bon Iver, The Cure, and The 1975, Yoste (rhymes with “lost”) is out to prove that you can have it both ways by adding a layer of sophisticated introspection and whimsical beauty to the simplistic pop landscape.

Stream “Boredom” here, and find it on Spotify below.

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