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Australian Singer/Producer Yoste Releases “How It Was”

Critically-acclaimed Australian singer-songwriter-producer Yoste shared one of his most introspective and relatable releases yet with his new piercing, midtempo electropop single, “How It Was.”

Yoste is a new breed of pop artist. The solo project of Brisbane, Australia, native Kurt Sines finds the subtle place where catchy pop hooks meet intelligent lyrics and a lush, ambient atmosphere and melds all spheres into a dynamic, singular sound. With over 85 million streams, a well-received debut 2019 EP, ‘Try To Be Okay,’ (including standout singles “Arc” and “Blue”) and lengthy international tours already under his belt, his audience only continues to grow. And with a fresh EP of new songs titled A Few Brief Moments and a forthcoming full-length on the way, the year ahead is shaping up to be Yoste’s biggest yet.

“How It Was” follows his most recent release “Boredom,” a song Yoste describes as a “defeatist yet optimistic sentiment all wrapped together” perfectly executed through its thesis statement of a hook “could get better/but I don’t like to try.” Both “How It Was” and “Boredom” come off his upcoming EP, A Few Brief Moments, due out June 5th. Earlier this year, Yoste released the first track off the EP “You Can’t Fix Me,” which tackles the harsh realities of toxic relationships, both within oneself and between people.

“How It Was” tales of youthful disaffection and the importance of leaning on others around you to help navigate life’s potentially paralyzing ailments as the young singer vents about being “still young and full of doubt.” The entire EP was written by and large in Yoste’s Brisbane apartment, with coproduction coming from Konstantin Kersting (of Tones and I’s “Dance Monkey” fame) in The Valley Underground studio.

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