Austin James Unveils Brooding 'Take Me Away' [Listen]

Austin James Unveils Brooding 'Take Me Away' [Listen]

Unlocking a fresh slate for the young producer, “Take Me Away” represents what more is to come from Austin James. Austin recently relocated to Los Angeles from Vancouver, a major change and switch-up for anyone. He began working on “Take Me Away” amidst him moving from Vancouver to LA; he explains that he felt “the track reflects a lot of the emotions and excitement [he] had towards starting [his] career in a new city.

As he wraps up a busy summer with over 30 shows spanning across the US and Canada, Austin is preparing for an even busier Fall. He is debuting his new brand, gearing up to take his trap-hybrid sound to the next level.

Listen to “Take Me Away” below:

“‘Take Me Away’ was a song that took inspiration from a lot of different things. This being my first track on a new project, I wanted to make sure I captured a large, open-world feel for the listener. […] “Take Me Away” is a fresh start to the Austin James brand, and a fresh start to the sound.”

Check out more of his music below:

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