ATTLAS Shares Debut Album 'Lavender God,' Out on mau5trap Label [Listen]

Following two single releases is ATTLAS’ debut album, Lavender God, out on Deadmau5’s label mau5trap. The 10-track journey weaves listeners through a serene journey of soundscapes as ATTLAS dives into learning “who he is and tell his story through music.”

This album is especially special, serving as his largest debut release as well as proving to be a “home” for him; “a place to create, a shelter from the storm, and a launch pad into the greatest adventure of my life.”

Listen to the album below:

Lavender God begins with the instrumental “Shatter” as it builds seamlessly into “A Winding Path.” This theme is reminiscent with each track as it goes from song to song without skipping a beat. Tapping into various elements, the 10-track project showed different sides to the producer, everything from glitchy, to electronic, to vocal-focused components. Once you begin listening, I recommend finishing until the end so you can get the entire story that ATTLAS wanted to share at one time.

ATTLAS was voted DJ Mag’s Breakthrough DJ of 2019, and it’s safe to say why while listening to Lavender God.

Featured image via artist.

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