ATLiens Plan to Abduct with Mind Melting New Single 'Meltdown'

Barely two weeks into the new decade, and ATLiens are already shooting us into another reality. Their newest single “Meltdown” is just a sneak peak of the liquefying bass they’ll be serving in their upcoming EP, due in March.

Coming off of their international tour in fall of 2019, the two have completely encapsulated the space bass genre. Their last EP, Ghost Planets, destroyed the bass world, and bass heads everywhere anticipate what these talented two have coming up next.

This heater couldn’t define this extra-terrestrial duo anymore than it already does. “Meltdown” begins with a mysterious build up and drops with heavy sound distortions and warped bass. The pair might as well kidnap us in their UFO and take us to another planet.

Get your mind blown by listening to “Meltdown” below:

And a message from the space lords themselves: “If you hear this song, start running”ATLiens

Featured image via artist Facebook page.

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