Melt Into Atebaki's 'Butter Hearts': A Marriage Between Deep Bass and Dreamlike Melodies

Melt Into Atebaki’s ‘Butter Hearts’: A Marriage Between Deep Bass and Dreamlike Melodies


Ladies and gentlemen, gather ‘round for a tale of sonic alchemy, spun in the heart of Vancouver’s vibrant music scene. Enter Atebaki, a name that’s fast becoming synonymous with a mind-bending, heart-thumping brand of bass music. This is not your average producer. Atebaki is a sonic wizard, conjuring melodies plucked from dreams and flow states.

Amid the neon lights and persistent rain of Vancouver, Atebaki weaves a tapestry of sound that envelops the listener. Imagine an origami of moods, each fold revealing a new layer of emotion. Deep low-end frequencies rumble like a distant storm, futuristic synths gleam like shards of moonlit glass, and soulful melodies dance like spectres in the night. This is Atebaki’s soundscape—a nectar for the senses, where bodies move and spirits wander, encapsulated in a bubble of bass.


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But what drives Atebaki? What fire fuels his latest release, “Butter Hearts”? “I wanted to capture the very specific flavor of melancholy that arises when you look back at your life,” he muses, eyes distant, as if tracing the constellations of his soul. It’s the bittersweet art of becoming oneself—every triumph, every regret, every heartache and joy, every soul that drifted into and out of his life. Hearts, like butter, melt under the gentle touch of memory.

Born in Argentina and molded by Montreal’s diverse culture, Atebaki now plants his flag in Vancouver, a city known for its pulsating bass scene. His recent move marks the start of a new chapter, aiming to reach new audiences and forge alliances with local talent.

“Butter Hearts” is just the beginning. With a dozen tracks slated for release this year, including a tantalizing collaboration with Substance, Atebaki is set to push the boundaries of bass music. His performances are already lighting up the local scene, each set a testament to his unique vision and unyielding passion.


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Keep your ears to the ground and your hearts open, for Atebaki is a name you’ll be hearing a lot more of. 

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