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After Battling Cancer, Ark Patrol Returns to the Forefront of Alt-Electronic with New Single

Ark Patrol is starting 2019 off on the best note one can enter on: new music. This release comes after a quiet year in 2018 for the producer as he battled cancer. With this new music, his creative abilities took a darker turn than before, but “guided him to reevaluate life’s truest gifts.” And now, he brings to the table a new outlook on music… one that I am a huge fan of.

A little sneak peek into his new project brings listeners to “Your Eyes (And Other Safe Havens).” He explores delicate synths and vocals, a lullaby that immediately brings peace. This release marks a new chapter in his story, one that he’s been working on since 2017. Give it a listen below.

Expect more from Ark Patrol very soon; the full project will be available on February 21. Until then, “Your Eyes (And Other Safe Havens)” is on repeat.

“The sounds from ‘Your Eyes’ originated as a bastion of peace amidst the heavier synth­distorted music I’d been writing during 2017. I like making songs that swim against the current and that was my intention with this song. It was originally supposed to be a simple interlude but something within it stayed with me and over time resonated in such a way that I decided to develop it further, morphing it into a guitar­driven track which seemed the logical conclusion coming from such a tranquil beginning.”- Ark Patrol

Featured image via artist. 

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