Arianna Hicks, Social Media Influencer Turned Singer, Debuts First Single [Listen]

Arianna Hicks has debuted her first single under a new musical alias: ARI. Moving into the musical world, Hicks is taking her talents beyond social media influencing and giving her fans a new way to relate with her, while showing a more vulnerable side. The Toronto native is expanding beyond using social media as a means of expressing herself authentically.

Hicks’ debut single, “Nothin but a Monster” foreshadows what’s to come from the fiery singer as she enters the R&B and alternative pop soundscapes.

Give “Nothin but a Monster” a listen below:

“I want to convey honesty in my music and Toronto has always had a way of bringing out this hollow/lonely feeling in me. I wanted to write about it as if it’s this monster that keeps finding a way to get me. I find a lot of people here seem to feel caged by the atmosphere, I know I certainly have my whole life, so I’ve been wanting to write this song for a very long time.” – ARI

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