ARI Continues to Shine in Sophomore Single 'Oh Well'

Fresh off her debut single, the social media influencer turned singer ARI, aka Arianna Hicks, is ready to share her second release ever: “Oh Well.” Moving into the musical world, Hicks is taking her talents beyond social media influencing and giving her fans a new way to relate with her, while showing a more vulnerable side.

The Toronto native is expanding beyond using social media as a means of expressing herself authentically. With ambitions of an EP release later this year, you can definitely expect more smooth R&B/pop vibes from ARI.

According to ARI, she explains that “Oh Well” is about a dream she had one night. She “woke up in a strange place surrounded by people to find [her] voice had been ripped away.” No matter what she did, people didn’t notice her or even realize she was there.

“This song plays on my ability to constantly feel as if there’s nothing I can say or do that’s right. “Is it all a waste of my time, is it all made up in my mind” speaks to that paranoid feeling that maybe is my own doing but I can’t get away from and since it’s such a recurring instance its become almost an unwelcome friend.


Featured image via artist.

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