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Arcando Teams Up With Soulful Vocalist Jeffrey James on ‘Paralyzed’ [Listen]

If you don’t have Arcando on your “Artists to Watch for 2019” list, you might want to change that! Arcando, aka Marc Bandecchi, is becoming a strong player in electronic music, though only being 19 years old. Age means nothing to Arcando’s accomplishments, as he’s already found himself on many top Spotify playlists, along with releases on a variety of music labels.

This release, featuring Jeffrey James, showcases Arcando’s developed music production and knowledge; he’s currently studying music production at the Conservatorium Haarlem in the Netherlands. As he pulls various electronic music elements, he finds the balance by also including live instruments.

Give “Paralyzed” a listen below:

“Paralyzed is about choosing passion over conscience — like when you’re doing something you know you shouldn’t. But you can’t stay away or bring yourself to leave the situation because it feels too good. – Jeffrey James

Featured image via artist Facebook page. 

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