Applying Your Degree in Dance to a Professional Dance Career
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Applying Your Degree in Dance to a Professional Dance Career

Many colleges offer dance programs to prepare you to become a professional dancer. Some may help you get internships or job placements to help you gain experience. A dance degree takes four years to complete. If you wish to advance to a master’s, you need another two years. After graduation, you get an opportunity to practice all that you learned in college. 

A lot of students struggle to get started. They are not sure how to apply their knowledge in the career field. You may prepare for auditions, attend promotional events, or contact your networks. Here are different ways to apply your degree in dance in the professional field. 

Understand the dance career options out there

A degree prepares you to become a professional dancer. However, you need to understand what career options you can choose. The first career option can be to become a dancer. You may join dancing bands or music groups and earn as a dancer. There are many other career options you can choose for your dance education. 

You may apply to become a college or university lecturer and teach dancing. You may become an arts administrator or a choreographer. Other career options include acting, theater director, and personal trainer. You can also become a dance movement psychotherapist or work as an event manager.

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Produce and perform your own work

Sometimes it takes time to get someone to hire you in the professional dance field. As you wait to get hired, you can start something to help you enhance your skills. Create your own work and start performing. Begin to record yourself performing and post the videos on social media. It allows you to improve your skills in performance, operations, and marketing. 

Write dance reviews and complete an internship

Many bloggers need people to write reviews to help promote their blogs. You may choose a few blogs and consistently write reviews for them. Use your education to make your reviews unique. 

After completing your degree in dance, you may apply for an internship. Make sure you complete the internship period and request a recommendation letter. It gives you an advantage when applying to work as a professional dancer. 

Attend auditions

Throughout the year, various organizations advertise for dance auditions. Keeping searching online for audition opportunities. You may also sign up with a talent agency to alert you when opportunities arise. To thoroughly prepare for auditions, make sure you read all instructions carefully. Research to understand the company that advertised. Keep your documents ready and prepare yourself to present your best. 

Stay connected with your network

While in college, build a strong network, both online and offline, with students, professors, and professionals. Maintain positive communication with them after graduation. Some of them may refer you to certain professional dancing organizations. Some may alert you when there are upcoming auditions. Networks can help you succeed fast in your dance career. 

Offer your skills for free

There are different ways to offer your skills in dance education for free. You may volunteer to dance for free at various festivals in your community or state. You may also volunteer to help in community projects or to teach in a class. Sometimes you may create your own dance workshops and invite people to attend. 

Such activities help you to explore your strengths and personal interests. They help you expand your networks, which creates more professional opportunities. Whenever an opportunity arises, make haste and send your application. You might get a company that will be willing to hire you. 


Many students get excited after completing their degree in dance. After graduation, many of them get challenges when seeking career opportunities. Dance education offers you many career options. You need to choose the right dance career for you and begin to send applications. You may start by creating your own productions and posting them on social media. Attend professional dancer auditions and stay in touch with your networks. Whenever you get a chance, offer your skills for free to expand your networks. 

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