Apple Reboots Apple News, Unleashes Apple Credit Card, & Shares Exciting Trailer for Apple TV+
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Apple Reboots Apple News, Unleashes Apple Credit Card, & Shares Exciting Trailer for Apple TV+

Apple hosted a once-in-a-lifetime event yesterday. They shared the news of their brand new Apple TV+, a reboot of Apple News, Apple Credit, and more!

Apple and CEO Tim Cook unveiled the official trailer for Apple’s Netflix-esque video streaming service. As has been reported in great detail over the past few years, Apple is gearing up for a huge push into the streaming video arena.

The new Apple TV app features preexisting cable and satellite TV plans access, and a pay-for-what-you-want feature that’s ad-free. Apple TV Channels, which lives in the new Apple TV app, include content from major players like HBO and more. The app itself will also be available on the Mac this fall, as well as on Smart TVs. Samsung’s edition launches first this spring. The new app will be available elsewhere in May.

“Apple has always tried to make the world a better place and we believe deeply in the power of creativity,” said Cook, introducing the biggest facet to Apple’s push into this world. “Our products help people express their creativity and tell their stories because great stories can change the world.”

Apple wants Apple TV+ to become the go-to destination for the “highest quality originals.” As the first step toward pulling this off, Apple will launch the new feature this fall.

Rebooting Apple News

“Today, we’re excited to extend our services even further,” Cook said before introducing the next wave of Apple News & Apple TV+. “We’re bringing magazines to Apple News,” Cook announced. “With amazing design and striking photography, in-depth journalism, magazines are iconic and part of our culture.”

The resulting new service is dubbed Apple News+ and will take the feature to a “whole new level.”

Apple Card

Cook then introduced Apple’s new effort into the credit card industry, the aptly named Apple Card. “Created by Apple and built on principals that we stand for,” Cook said.

The Apple Card can be signed up for via phone, with Apple promising receipt of a card in “minutes” if approved. The card is used and stored on the web and is available across all of a user’s devices. A corresponding update to the Wallet app adds a breakdown of your Apple Card history, including payment dates.

The card notably offers extensive cashback benefits and a detailed explanation of the “true cost” of different payment options. There are also said to be “no fees,” including late fees.

Apple singlehandedly continues to prove why they are one of the top contenders in technology. Which new advancement are you most excited for?

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