Apashe Goes Cinematic on New Collab With Vladimir Cauchemar [Watch/Listen]
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Apashe Goes Cinematic on New Collab With Vladimir Cauchemar [Watch/Listen]


In a dual audio-visual release, Apashe goes cinematic alongside Vladimir Cauchemar for their new single “RIP.” Fusing classical orchestra elements with a bumping house music blend, “RIP” is a treat for the both the ears and the eyes in its music video counterpart. With an organ piano melody leading the way, the combination of layered elements from sword swipes to alarms showcase both artists versatility.

The video “explores impending world doom and the lasting effects of global warming and war.” Directed by Adrian Villagomez, the music video for “RIP” was originally set to be filmed in Russia before the war on Ukraine began.

Apashe commented on the single, “RIP” was inspired by the cinematic soundtrack of the film Koyaanisqatsi. The repetitive hypnotic nature of Philip Glass’ music was something highly alluring and made Vladimir and I want to take listeners on a terrifying journey.”

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