ANTON Smashes with Debuts 'Automation' and 'Burning Flags' [Listen] -

ANTON Smashes with Debuts ‘Automation’ and ‘Burning Flags’ [Listen]

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Blazing ahead with the rebirth under his new alias, Spanish producer ANTON shares two new singles “Automation” and “Burning Flags”.

With many years of production prowess and stages shared with the likes of MALAA, Virtual Riot, and more, the artist formerly known as JAAC was ready for a change. Over a year in the making, ANTON kicks off with back-to-back singles under the new alias.

“Automation”, featuring American vocalist Elliot Bali, is a thumping mid-tempo track with a scintillating bassline that descends beneath Bali’s pop-tinged vocals. With elegant digitized vocals and shimmering melodic elements, “Automation” ironically dives into the movement against technologic dominance in our lives and a longing for a return to organic human connection, tapping on photographer Urioz and graphic producer NeoHyd to bring the visual debut of the project to life.

Burning Flags” builds on the theme of dystopian discontent with a next-level energy. Dark-toned and distorted synths snarl through the intro before the track breaks into its next artfully crafted movement, where the melodies deconstruct into a more approachable tone. The track’s spoken vocal bridge prepare the listener for the impending energetic release that closes the track.

After seven years of producing under the JAAC alias, the producer now delivers ANTON project under his newly-formed label CELOSIA.

Check out the new tracks from ANTON below and stay in-the-know for more new releases soon!

Featured photo by Oriol López, courtesy of artist
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