Annika Wells Says 'F*ck Being Sober' in Music Video Release [Watch]
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Annika Wells Says ‘F*ck Being Sober’ in Music Video Release [Watch]

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Singer/songwriter Annika Wells sings about the personal and crazy thoughts we all experience – but actually says those things out loud. Her latest track, “F*ck Being Sober” received a visual upgrade and music video to accompany the track.

“We all have these weird, dark, and quirky self-deprecating thoughts we’re too embarrassed to put out in a public forum,” she explains. “But I want to put all of myself out there, so my listeners can think, ‘Okay, I also think like that. I say weird shit. I do that thing.’” I want to make people feel comfortable talking about anything on their minds and reframe it in a way where we can be candid and lighthearted. I don’t have a filter.”

Annika Wells

In the electronic music realm, the California-based artist is most notably known for her features on Illenium‘s 2020 hit “Nightlight” and 2017 favorite “Crawl Outta Love.

On the track “F*ck Being Sober,” her stream of consciousness plays above palm-muted acoustic guitars as she urges, “So, pour me another, one for my brother, and two for my parents, I know they can’t stand this.” 

Get ready for more from Annika later this year.

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