ANIMÁL Hit the Airwaves With Debut Single 'Let Me Down' [Listen]

ANIMÁL isn’t letting us down with the duo’s debut release breaking the alternative-electronic soundscape. Preparing for their debut album release later this summer, the Brooklyn-based duo are taking advantage of this time to share their music with those that need it most.

The first peek as to what’s to come from them is “Let Me Down,” a light and upbeat tune bridging the gap between alternative and electronic. Incorporating electric guitar riffs and emotive chord progressions, “Let Me Down” combines the best of both worlds for those that love both live and electronic music.

“This album was our way of introducing ANIMÁL to the world by telling a 12-track story front to back. We wanted to give electronic and alt-rock listeners the best of both worlds — something you can dance to and rock out to at the same time. Hopefully this scratches that itch for a lot of people.”


Featured image via artist.

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