Alix Perez Delivers Soul Snatching EP with First Release of 2024, 'Gloom'
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Alix Perez Delivers Soul Snatching EP with First Release of 2024, ‘Gloom’

The mastermind behind the 1985 imprint has done it once again. Alix Perez is one of the top dogs in music production, specifically in the realms of deep dub and DNB, and this past week he reminds us why with his first release of 2024.

The latest body of work by Belgium-born producer Alix Depauw, better known as Alix Perez, is another testament to his artistry. On one end of the spectrum that he presents, you have effortlessly smooth and soulful liquid drum and bass. On the other end, you have a slower, deeper, and more sinister sound rooted in the 120-140 tempos.

alix perez gloom ep

When it comes to the Gloom EP, we find ourselves on the latter end of this spectrum with apocalyptically dark soundscapes and highly experimental sonics. A beautifully crafted 4-piece collection, each track begs to be flexed on a proper sound system.

Track Breakdown

Having been able to re-listen to the EP quite a few times since its release, I’ve had the chance to really digest it, and it’s left me unquestionably nourished.

The four-track excursion begins with a dive into murky waters with the only solo track on the project, “Psychosis.” An eerie backdrop creeps in with dark elements sprinkled around the intro. Consequently, this is followed by a pre-drop vocal that perfectly characterizes the next three minutes of wavy bass ripples as “hardcore psychopathic material.” (In the best way.)

Up next is the first single released from the project, “Militia.” Featuring the vocal talents of Flowdan, this match made in heaven was inevitable. The results are better than one could have ever imagined. The duo worked together to create something that truly embodies dark energy. Flowdan lays down another timeless verse and Perez provides a menacing bass line with some nutty percussive elements.

Whenever Alix Perez and Visages collaborate, magic is made. “Circadian” is no exception. Having made its way around dance floors the past few months prior to Gloom’s release, this track has already proven to be an absolute weapon amongst 140 enthusiasts.

To neatly wrap up the EP, Alix Perez and Ebb teamed up for the massive tune, “Hazchem.” Packed with the most energy of the four tracks, “Hazchem” is a straight-up sound system shredder. Beginning with Perez’s signature, eerie intro style, you can expect the unexpected. A drop straight into madness and suddenly you’re up and moving more than you have all day. This standout track is sure to do damage this festival season.

What Else Has Alix Perez Been Up To?

2023 kept the drum and bass legend on a packed schedule. Working vigorously on the 1985 label has paid off with massive success in various avenues. When looking at the stacked roster, containing artists like Monty, Visages, SubMarine, and Cesco, it’s pretty hard to deny the legacy they are shaping. While working behind the scenes, Perez also released several singles, four EPs, and Hellion, an eight-track LP with long-time collaborator Headland. On top of all that, 1985 recently had one of their biggest events to date; a sold-out show at London Roundhouse in January.

Alix Perez isn’t new to the game by any means, but the 1985 era has only just begun. With no official mention of any upcoming releases, I think it’s safe to assume that the mad lad is busy behind the scenes with label releases and the handful of events planned overseas for this summer.

So far you’ll be able to catch the Gloom artist at either of the 1985 Day Parties in July (UK), Dour Festival (Belgium), Let It Roll Festival (CZ), and Hospitality on The Beach (HR). As for us in the States, we can only hope for good news to be on the horizon!

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