Creates Danceable New Age Magic on her Prisms EP
EDM Listen Creates Danceable New Age Magic on her Prisms EP

Budding young producer releases her biggest work to date with the surreal, danceable Prisms EP, out now on Lots of Practice. 

For, many mornings are spent relishing in the sunlight and creating ethereal electronic music. The young producer’s largest body of work to date, her Prisms EP, is a testament to this magical moment in time, the quiet inspiration of morning. has always been a bit witchy when it comes to her music. Not only do her melodic house beats encapsulate a sort of mythical energy, but many of her titles pay homage to different spiritual concepts. Across the five tracks of Prisms, she explores some of her favorite new-age themes, tools and destinations.

Prisms opens with “Cazimi,” an Arabic term meaning “heart of the sun.” Indeed, the incandescent synths glow brighter with every passing kick drum. Next is the EP’s lead single “Crystalline.” The track features Hot Leather Disco, and odes to the geological structure through twirling synths and a flourishing guitar. Most of’s tracks are like this, glassy geometric, and danceable.

With her latest Prisms, defines a new beginning for her career as an artist. As for the album’s host label, Lots of Practice, the imprint is defining a new beginning for their catalog with their first melodic house and techno release.

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