Alice Gray Creates Introspective Narrative to Accompany 'Hell With You' [Watch]

In a world where music videos are being produced less and less, Alice Gray proves that all the industry needed was a bit of a revitalization. The rising indie-pop artist tells the narrative of her story in “Hell With You” through video form as she accompanies her breezy, laid-back vocals. “I’ve been wanting to do a full narrative that incorporates styles that really reflect my taste,” she explains.

I was inspired by the adventure of Turbo Kid, which is like an R-rated Stranger Things, and by Phantom Thread’s storyline which really characterized the concept of ‘I kind of like living in Hell With You.”

-Alice Gray
Give the “Hell With You” music video a watch below:

With director help from Devin Glass and cinematography assistance from Carter Ross, the viewer is instantly transported alongside Alice in her own hell. An added cool point for Alice: the video was shot entirely on 16mm film, an addition that showcases her grainy/California-girl aesthetic in a unique way.

Alice kicked off her project with her debut single “Pink Cadillac” in 2017. Since then, she’s kept the buzz going with a consistent string of single releases. Later this summer, she will be dropping an EP – so stay tuned for more from Alice!

Give “Pink Cadillac,” Alice’s debut single, a listen now:


Featured image via artist.

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