Alexie Divello Taps 'Saxo Bear' for Euphoric Groove 'Got This Feeling'
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Alexie Divello Taps ‘Saxo Bear’ for Euphoric Groove ‘Got This Feeling’

Swedish electronic music producer Alexie Divello returns to the forefront of euphoric dance grooves with the fun sonic hit “Got This Feeling.” Teaming up with Swedush saxophone talent Bjorn “Saxo Bear” Sjolin, Divello has created the ultimate feel-good tune.

Kicking off with an irrestible rhythm and female vocal cuts, “Got This Feeling” also prominently features lively instrumentation, such as the piano and saxophone. Give it a listen below!

Alexie Divello is a highly-renowned Swedish DJ/producer who’s been consistently releasing his signature brand of electronic dance music over the last eight years. His discography dates back to 2012 after his remix of Mandinga’s 2012 hit “Zaleilah.” He followed up three years later with a groundbreaking single, “Children of the Sun” released in 2015.

Featured image via artist.

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