Alexander Lewis Drops New Monster Rap-Trap Original 'Clockwise'
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Alexander Lewis Drops New Monster Rap-Trap Original ‘Clockwise’

Over the past two years, it’s been a rarity to blog about the same artist twice in a month. That feat is normally reserved for my top artists: ODESZA, Autograf, Petit Biscuit, Boogie T, etc.

But man, it’s almost impossible to not talk about what Alexander Lewis is doing for trap music right now.

Unless you truly haven’t been listening, there is a massive resurgence of trap music happening. Gone are the days of Flosstradamus trap anthems, here are the days of rappers and trappers merging together to form one of the smoothest genre blending trends we have seen.

Alexander Lewis is adding to list of artists already accomplishing this perfect style. Artists like Ekali, CRWNS, Graves, Josh Pan, Krane, QUIX.

Why do we like it?

After reaching #1 on Hype Machine last week with his Flip of Troyboi’s ‘Flamez,’ Lewis is back with a rap collaboration with Nick Flow. ‘Clockwise’ presents a strong foray into this new realm of trap/rap. Layered horns and booming trap percussion ignite the furious tempo for the entire track.

Stream this heater below!



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