Akurei Follows Up 'SEROTONIN' With Second EP 'HAIRDYE' [Listen]
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Akurei Follows Up ‘SEROTONIN’ With Second EP ‘HAIRDYE’ [Listen]

After the release of his EP Serotonin from earlier this year, Akurei returns once more with his 2/3 EP’s for the rest of the year with Hairdye. This EP comes from a new label called sumoclic that Akurei himself co-owns with fellow Australian producer and artist Golden Vessel.

Serotonin includes three new tracks, which were all written on guitar and show a more transparent side to himself as an artist.

Give HAIRDYE a listen below:

HAIRDYE is the second EP I’m sharing this year. This one feels a little more transparent and rawer for me, which I always admire in the music I love. For the most part, these songs were written and explored on guitar before they hit the Ableton session which I found really refreshing.”

– Akurei

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