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Afrojack & Steve Aoki’s “No Beef” is Back With a Remix Package [Listen]

2011 marked the release of Afrojack & Steve Aoki’s most iconic and timeless EDM tracks of all time, “No Beef”.

Combining electro-house beats with mesmerizing vocals from Miss Palmer, Afrojack & Steve Aoki’s track enamored the music world as it encapsulated the bubbly and electric energy of the industry. Now, 11 years after its initial debut, the two have gathered various artists to create a celebratory remix package of “No Beef” in honor of its anniversary.

The first of the two-part remix package commemorating “No Beef” reveals a furious blast from the past while incorporating fresh beats from Goodboys, LUM!X, Riot Ten & Crankdat, as well as Steve Aoki himself. The UK duo, Goodboys, starts off the package with a tech-house remix, enhancing the original track with subtle layers of piano notes while building on male vocals within it.

Paying tribute to his original song, Steve Aoki layers bold and inventive edits to bring an invigorating twist to the already energetic track. Coming in as the third track, Afrojack and Aoki look towards the 20 year old German artist, LUM!X, to bring his triplet styled beats and refreshing trademark sounds. Closing out the remix package, Riot Ten & Crankdat dive into ferocious dubstep sounds, creating the most aggressive beat drop of the tracks, leaving anyone who listens to want more.

This celebratory remix package of “No Beef” navigates you through a kaleidoscope of house beats, providing a fresh take on a tried and true EDM classic. Look out for Afrojack & Steve Aoki’s release of their second remix track list in the coming weeks!

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