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Afrojack and Shiah Maisel Release “Really Love You” [Listen]

Universally known Dutch dance icon and DJ, Afrojack, and young American singer-songwriter Shiah Maisel have paired up to release their first collaboration together, “Really Love You”.

The partnership of Afrojack and Shiah Maisal combines the unique signatures of each artist, revealing both the subtle and not-so-subtle intricacies each chose to highlight in this mesmerizing track, “Really Love You”

With Maisel’s powerful vocal alongside arpeggiating beats, “Really Love You” blurs the line between pop and electro dance music and demonstrates a new take on modern electro-pop. This chilled yet effervescent song is a manifestation of heartfelt messages and mood booster melodies that will no doubt leave a lasting impression.

As a staple name in EDM, Afrojack has continued to earn the title in 2022 with multiple singles dropping, including “Trampoline” with David Guetta featuring Missy Elliott, BIA, and Dochii, and a GRAMMY nomination for the Best Dance/Electronic Recording of 2022 for “Hero” with David Guetta.

Making his way to superstardom, Maisel has expanded his discography exponentially in recent years to showcase just how talented he is with his vocals and vocabulary.

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