Downtempo French Producer Aedan Releases Experimental Debut EP [Listen]
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Downtempo French Producer Aedan Releases Experimental Debut EP [Listen]

You more than likely have not heard of Aedan in the American electronic scene. However, this producer is a four-time World DJ champion with double-platinum records under his belt as his alias: DJ pFel. And now, the impressive Aedan is here with his debut EP Le Temps.

This EP release is five-tracks exploring a different side of electronic music, one with an “endless amount of grandiose moments.” The best way to describe this EP is as if it is a movie score, as the protagonist anticipates his/her next move.

Joining Le Temps and the single “Le Temps” is a special music video, complete with corresponding visuals. You can watch that below.

Aedan decided to pursue this style of producing under an alias because he “didn’t want to disappoint the fans that are already following me and [he] felt challenged to bring a new audience in.

Give a listen to the EP in its entirety below, and let us know what you think!

Featured image via artist. 

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