Abstrakt Sonance Hits 2021 Hard With New Single 'Sit Down' [Exclusive Premiere]

Abstrakt Sonance Hits 2021 Hard With New Single ‘Sit Down’ [Exclusive Premiere]

When it comes to the Sound System Culture, Abstrakt Sonance sits among the legends.  This Canadian-based Don of the bass scene has been around for a decade now pumping out tune after tune of extraordinary measure. You hear his sound around the globe and on some of the best sound systems in the world. He has thrown down with the best in the industry like Deep, Dark, and Dangerous, Trigga, ColdCuts, and many more.

Today we were able to snag a hot one for you, exclusively for our readers.  His newest single Sit Down is just a taste of his newest EP that is releasing this Friday, 4/28 under the label Silent Motion.

“I’m here to create art and create music that comes from my heart and soul.  I like to make Sound System music, even though this last year and a half I’ve [begun] to forget how it feels to be surrounded by an awesome community and big subwoofers, but that’s where my passion lies.  I make sounds for people to feel, emotionally and physically.”

This track is on repeat in my library ever since I first got my hands on it and just, wow.  Of course, those who are familiar with the sub-sound culture know that subtly is king.  This track really finds a way to make the beauty of simplicity while still bringing absolute heat.  This is the kind of music that is meant to be both listened to and FELT.  It surrounds you with the bass.  It pulls you in and out of the different harmonics as that bass just slaps you in the face.  Then the horns come in and just blast away that layer of dust that has been collecting on our collective souls the last year.  Truly a work of art that is to be expected of a legend like Abstrakt Sonance.

This track is just a taste for what is to come on Friday and for what is to come soon.  Be on the lookout for the EP dropping this Friday on 4/28, a remix from DEAFBLIND, and another from Surreal. With shows and festivals slowly ramping back up, expect to see and more importantly feel what Abstrakt Sonance has in store.  I promise you, there is nothing quite like being in front of some perfectly tuned subs with his music taking you to another realm.

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