Abraham Tilbury Returns After 2 Years With Silky R&B Tune 'So Right' [Premiere]

After taking a 2 year release hiatus, Abraham Tilbury returns once more with “So Right” alongside Melbourne producer Amy Axegale. With a more R&B-focused sound while still incorporating electronic beats, “So Right” serves as a reflective piece for Tilbury, looking back on what he’s accomplished and looking forward to what’s to come.

Listen to “So Right” below:

As mentioned above, this new release is a recollective one as he looks back over his last few years living in Melbourne, Australia. While there, he spent lots of time working and producing music for other artists, rather than being able to work on his own music. Following this period of time in his life, he’s since moved back to his hometown of Brisbane where he has the time and motivation to get back to making his own music again. And boy, are we happy about that one!

His last release, “California,” sees a much slower side to him as an artist. “So Right” explores a more upbeat, electro-R&B sound backed by Amy’s booming bass lines.

“After moving home, I was still receiving instrumentals from Zen (Mazen), and wrote ‘So Right’ as a reflection on my time in Melbourne. The beauty of this track was that before I had started recording vocals, I sung the lyrics for WA artist Jcal & he insisted it was my next release. Getting behind the scenes support from friends such as Amy Axegale, Jcal & Golden Vessel, has really made this release a special one for me.”

Featured image via artist. 

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