9 Denver Businesses To Consider This Year
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9 Denver Businesses To Consider This Year

Nature lovers who want access to major city amenities have started flocking to Denver, Colorado. With the capital being a bustling hive of activities for outdoor enthusiasts, sports fanatics, and culturally inclined persons, there’s a business opportunity for everyone.

According to Investopedia, what draws in more permanent residents to set up shop is the living wage of $20.31 per hour. Furthermore, a high quality of living compared to other American cities complements the lowered costs.

With the arrival of new residents, countless businesses or employment positions have opened up to accommodate new workers. But even so, specific business areas expand more than others. For this reason, people planning to move to Denver should consider one of the following businesses that are currently booming in the area:

Sustainable cleaning services

As people become more aware of their environmental impact, new eco-friendlier ways of cleaning, among other sustainable practices, are infiltrating the markets. Denver is no different, as residents choose to refill their personal or home cleaning supplies instead of spending money on replacement products.

Another way of being more sustainable would be to contract out home cleaning duties to a company like Denver MOP STARS Cleaning Service. These companies use less cleaning products, water, and electricity than homeowners, as they have more specialized techniques that save time and money.

Real estate developments

With a large influx of people into Denver, the real estate industry has finally reached a balance between sellers and buyers. More and more people seem to flock to Colorado to have a more ‘down-to-earth’ lifestyle while remaining close to essential amenities in the capital.

Some of the older residential areas in Denver have seen newcomers move in and renovate the properties, giving neighborhoods a fresh look and feel. Because of this, homeowners are more likely to call Denver their new home. Hence, real estate is another type of business to consider.

Digital and other health services

Many regions worldwide have seen the benefits of digital healthcare, like telehealth, or have just increased their medical staff as a contingency. Moreover, a growing population creates a more significant need for these services.

According to PR Newswire, companies like Freedom Healthcare Staffing, with a 98% placement filling, are a business worth considering. Finding employment in a new city could be challenging unless you have a partner like a successful staffing agency.

IT, communications, and technology

Information technology is an ever-increasing field with innovations leading the way for development. In a growing city, there would be a greater need for upgrading communication and other IT-related infrastructure. The technology would also need maintenance; therefore, a business dealing with IT, communications, and other technology deserves consideration.

A business district located in the southeast of downtown Denver, Denver Tech Center is filled with various startups and global businesses. Some tech companies found in this district include Zoom Video Communications, Western Union, and TeleTech.

Energy like gas and oil

Essentials like gas, oil, and electricity are the lifeblood of a city, and businesses and residential dwellings depend on them daily. Unfortunately, these commodities were reasonably unstable in the market in the past, sparking a lot of concern. However, the oil price has stabilized recently, bringing reassurance and security to Denver residents and businesses.

With costs remaining more steadfast, investors have more confidence in considering significant investments in Denver since they can plan the outcome and projected return on their investment without substantial fluctuations.  

Restaurant and beverage services

Good food is an excellent addition to good company, and Denver has encompassed this with their wide range of restaurant and beverage services. Moving with the times and the city’s diverse population, it now boasts vegan restaurants, local breweries, and some of the best steakhouses one can find.

Another food item that most Americans can’t live without is pizza. Denver happens to have some of the best pizza places. Finding one with all the favorites is just as easy as finding one with a more contemporary menu that includes new flavor combinations, gluten-free options, or plant-based ingredients.

Aviation and different modes of travel

Getting around the city and to or from other places is made easy by the airlines and, of course, the vast fleet of drivers assisting commuters daily. Although excellent modes of travel are already available in Denver, the industry has expanded even more over the past few years.

Aviation companies have seen an increase in flights, but the lift services like Uber and Lyft have also seen more and more people use this type of transportation. However, according to The Guardian, the amount these drivers earn would still need more adjustment to keep up with the market-related trends. 61% of these drivers rely on their daily earnings as a primary income for their families, meaning that more investment into this sector would benefit all.

Hospitality industry

Although many travelers still rely on hotels, motels, and bed and breakfast accommodations, more visitors want the mountain experience in the Mile High City. Even if Denver isn’t at the foot of the mountain range, it’s close enough for travelers to enjoy magnificent mountain views and take a short drive to mountain attractions like hiking trails. 

The capital’s natural attractions have caused a boom in the hospitality industry, with visitors preferring to be close to city amenities and revel in the crisp mountain air. So, investing in boutique hotels, homey cabins, and other types of hospitality would be a wise move.

Retail and commerce

Many people who live in Denver would want to see different retail and commerce options. Since stores have adapted over time, there’s now more variety that residents are spoilt for choice.

Even with all the developments in the retail and commerce section, newer shopping methods like online or e-commerce are still in their infancy in Denver. Those looking to support local businesses should consider some smaller companies providing excellent service in a niche market, like local art or home supplies.


A unique, bustling, and flourishing city with a thriving cultural scene and steady growth, Denver offers endless opportunities to start a new business or support one already established in the market. It’s a wonderful place for anyone who wants to build a life for themselves and a legacy for their families.

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