7 Ways To Write A Good Film Review For A Student
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7 Ways To Write A Good Film Review For A Student

If you think that film reviews are even a little similar to book reviews or reports, then you’re mistaken. Analyzing a film is much more difficult as you must critically inspect and comment without telling much of the plot. 

An outstanding movie review will be art on its own! A good piece of writing should entertain and persuade people. Once you start reviewing, you’ll hone your abilities in every scene while watching critically. 

Do you want to write an effective movie review and have a deeper response than “that was great”? Here are 7 ways to write a good film review for students. 

If circumstances permit, view the film more than once 

You can watch a movie and note down the key elements that you find worth telling people about. Do it again to get a chance to analyze the movie.

Moreover, you’ll pause the movie to note the key components and not miss other important details. It’s quite difficult or close to impossible for a human to fully note down all the points and cover all the areas at once. For example, if you have paid attention to the acting the first time, try to focus more on dancing, cinematography, or direction in the second view. You can watch the movie more than once until you have noted all the key elements. 

Express your opinion of the film, but support your criticism 

A movie review is ineffective and not worth reading if it’s a personal attack on the actor, the story writer, or the director. Therefore, whatever you dislike, always support your comments with evidence. You cannot persuade the audience with a review not supported by the facts (in the form of particular movie scenes). 

Here’s an example of how professional writers can express an opinion supported by the proper evidence: 

“Whether the script was rated good or average, Jordan and Octavia’s chemistry would have been much better. Take an example of a prison scene where the camera was focused on their faces. They both could have shown deep chemistry with the tension of neck muscles and a cracking voice.” 

Consider your audience

This is one of the most important points to consider before writing a movie review. Ask yourself who’s going to read this film review, whether it’s for a fan website, national news, a magazine, or simply a college assignment. Then, decide to highlight certain film elements accordingly. 

Once you know your audience, you can also adjust the style of your piece of writing. For example, a review for a traditional publication can be much different from a review for a fan website. You cannot mock the film or write any inappropriate comments and be even-handed for the traditional publication. But for a movie geek website, you can review independently. 

Know the Actors’ Portfolios

A movie doesn’t always revolve around the storyline and plot. Some people like to watch movies for the actors they like. Therefore, you should also know the actor’s portfolio to address carefully. You can give different comments to persuade the audience, including the seasoned actor in a new role, brilliant chemistry between the characters, excellent acting despite the average script, and more. 

Call out directors, cinematographers, special effects

One of the most important tips for writing a film review is to consider every element. You cannot write a movie review unless you consider the direction, cinematography, and special effects. After watching the movie and before you write a review, ask yourself whether the film performs well in direction and cinematography, apart from the storyline and acting. 

Considering the direction, elaborate on whether the movie was slow or fast, whether the scenes were self-explanatory, and whether the story plot was well executed. Moreover, you can also compare the movie with the previously directed films of that director.

Talk about the cinematography and special effects as well. For example, how well the scenes were shot. Whether the background complemented the objects in front or not, and whether the movie flowed smoothly or not. 

Save time and contact an essay writing service

You might have to submit a quick film review for students in your college magazine or as an assignment but lack the motivation or have a busy schedule. In that case, you can contact the essay writing services online to order a movie review. 

However, it can be difficult to trust any third-party service, especially when short on time. You can read PapersOwl reviews to see their style, or to get some interesting ideas. Essay writing or review writing services can help you with writing a film review based on acting, cinematography, special effects, or more. You can also provide the essay topics and get an essay in no time. 

Edit Your Final Draft

Are you done with the first draft of the film review? It’s time to transform it into the final one. The final draft of the movie review will be quite different from the first one. It’ll have fewer bulky sentences and a smooth structure. Want to know how you can edit your final draft? Here are some points to consider:

  • Edit your first draft after carefully reading it once or twice (you can also read it aloud for better understanding).
  • Decide whether your movie review has enough details in terms of acting, cinematography, and special effects without giving away the plot.
  • Will your film reviews be a good piece of information for the readers or not?
  • Once you’re done with the final draft, proofread for typos and grammatical errors.

To Sum Up

Movie reviews are of great importance for movie geeks as they’d love to know how well their favorite actors performed. They want to read a review first before watching the movie. In another situation, you might be a student of filmmaking or a media-related degree at any college and have to submit an assignment. In all such scenarios, you can keep in mind the 7 ways to write a good movie review mentioned above.

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