7 Benefits Of Listening To Music While Studying
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7 Benefits Of Listening To Music While Studying

Listening to music while studying for assignments has been a topic of debate. While some say music helps them focus and finish their college assignments faster, some say it draws their attention to lyrics and slows them down. Is listening to music while studying good or not? Let’s dive in.

Music and Focus 

When learning dry matter, many college students experience brain fog or fatigue. In this case, music can actually help preserve focus on the matter. Music Mayhem even says that music can show beneficial effects on blood pressure, sleep patterns, and pain reduction. Since many students have issues with irregular sleep, this is a phenomenon worth exploring. 

Music and Studying

Back in the ’90s, an interesting link has been discovered between music and studying. Namely, the Mozart Effect has shown that listening to certain kinds of music can increase one’s ability to navigate in 3D spaces as well as increase their overall intelligence test ranking by 8-9 points. The effect observed lasts for 10-15 minutes, but it opens up a myriad of applications while studying for assignments. However, the effect is observable only if the music is classical, and some participants reported that they had to listen to the same music while taking college tests to get the benefits of this technique. 

Music and Stress 

College finals can be stressful. Since music has been proven to reduce stress, it is generally advised that students listen to relaxing music while going through their notes, revise for their finals or even write their college essays. While some say that they feel relaxed, some college students add that they also work faster and cover more assignment material in a shorter period of time. 

Music and Academic Success 

Since strong connections have been discovered between music and academic success, there is no reason schools would not include more music in their curriculum. Imagine writing a college essay on Alcazar or old-school rap. Considering the benefits and an increase in the average college test scores, the next time you say: “write my dissertation for me”, make sure the person writing your college essay is listening to music while doing so. 

Music and Motivation 

Music is a strong motivator. Next time you hit the gym or go for a jog, be mindful of how many people actually work out while listening to music. Music motivates and can create strong habits, so use this to your advantage. Next time you’re going through your notes or reading some education essay samples, make sure you’re playing your favorite tunes and see how the pile of work gets smaller with every beat. As a bonus, research has shown that listening to your favorite songs can release some dopamine, the ‘feel good’ hormone, so you won’t be feeling as drained after a long study session. 

Music and Memory 

Music does wonders for your memory. It has been found that music can have positive effects on one’s ability to memorize a lot of information, so if you are among those that try to absorb as much college information as possible, be sure to do it to the beat of your favorite playlist. The beneficial effects of listening to music do not end there: it has been shown that listening to music regularly can help fight Alzheimer’s, so incorporate music into your college assignment studying for a double boost of your memory! 

Final Remarks

For as long as the music college students listen to is quiet and relaxing, music is their best friend! With more and more research springing every day that shows the beneficial effects music can have on exam preparation, study notes revision, and overall academic success, music is a foolproof way to increase your college performance. So, invest in a pair of good headphones and head for the local library. 

Merissa Moore 

Merissa is a classical music devotee. A violin player and an owner of a large collection of classical music pieces, she truly practices what she preaches. Her love for music was inspired by her mother’s interests in the same genre. 

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