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Happy 6 Year Anniversary to Pretty Lights’ ‘A Color Map of the Sun’

6 years. Can you believe that? 6 years ago, Derek Vincent Smith, better known as Pretty Lights, released the magical album that is A Color Map of the Sun. The album featured 13-tracks including the iconic tunes “Yellow Bird,” “Color of My Soul,” “One Day They’ll Know” and more. This album was the first major piece of work since his 2010 album Glowing in the Darkest Night.

After A Color Map of the Sun, Pretty Lights and his team joined forces with Thump/Vice to tell the story of the album. The video was made by PL’s previous girlfriend Krystle Blackburn (who was also PLM’s creative director) and DVS himself. The documentary helps to show how many people were responsible in helping him turn his “massive project into a reality” while also displaying the “amount of talent, vision, and soul that went into making the album.”

Check out the documentary below:

It’s been about 2 years since we’ve seen Pretty Lights release any music or perform any shows. Despite not putting out new music, fans have the ability to dive deep into the depths of his discography, reliving certain moments of time in his music. With music going back to 2006 (Taking Up Your Precious Time), there is no shortage of Pretty Lights music, though we obviously crave something to fill the void of lost time.

Whenever you decide to return, if you ever do, your fans will be waiting with open arms DVS. Until then, Alexa: stream A color map of the sun.

Featured image by Live Edits Lab / Collin Taylor.

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