5 Tips for Starting an Electro Pop Band
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5 Tips for Starting an Electro Pop Band

From bands like New Order to CHVRCHES, electro-pop as a genre has helped many musicians find mainstream success, stretch the limits of their creative potential, and build a devoted fanbase. Anything is possible in the world of electronic music, so there’s always a good chance for anyone to find their big break in this genre. With the technology that’s within your reach, you can create hits that will surely be in Spotify’s indie, dream pop, and electronic playlists. If you are planning to start an electro-pop band, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Identify your influences

Which electronic artists are your favorite? Whether it’s an industrial solo act like Nine Inch Nails or an indie-electronic band like Men I Trust, knowing your musical influence can help you determine your genre and style. Your creative influences shouldn’t be limited to bands and solo musicians. You can also cite movies and TV shows as your inspiration for the music you will be creating.

Gather the right people

In most cases, forming a band could be the result of an accident. You and your best friend could be spending an afternoon in the basement playing guitars and writing lyrics for a song that could end up being your debut single. Other than that, you can take some time looking for people who share a love for the same bands. You can post an ad on social media, join Discord serves for music fans, or look for buskers.No matter the people you choose to be in your band, it’s important to find ones who share the same mind. 

Focus less on equipment and software

You don’t have to invest in expensive equipment and software to start producing songs for an EP. Although they make a difference in terms of quality and features, you can still make do with lo-fi tools. Unless you have the budget for it, you should opt for basic synths and recording equipment. Apart from that, you can always rent out a recording studio that matches your budget. 

Hone your technical skills

When it comes to electronic music, being tech-savvy is an advantage. While you already know the basics of composition and production, your success will still depend on how well you navigate the software and hardware you have on hand. There are lots of resources and guides you can find online, whether it’s a beginner tutorial in FL studio or tips for using a MOOG Matriarch synthesizer. 

Nurture your creative process

Your skills as a songwriter matter just as much as the tools you will be using. Don’t stress over the idea that your electropop band won’t go far. Enjoy the ride and always look for inspiration in the little things. Success only comes when you respect your craft. Take as much time as you need to nurture your creativity. Read books, listen to new artists, and devote some time to writing a new track. 

It takes time and dedication to start a band, and it also rings true to starting an electro-pop group. Use these tips as you start your journey.

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