5 Music Events to Check Out in Chicago This Spring
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5 Music Events to Check Out in Chicago This Spring

Spring is the time of revival. During spring, you are bound to get out more because the dreaded ice and snow disappear paving way for beautiful weather that beckons you outside. If you are looking for music concerts and performances to keep you busy, well then you are in luck.

The city is gradually but surely getting back to the swing of things and with the vaccination process well underway, people will be back to ‘normal life sooner than most realize. Until then, it is still recommended that we stay safe and protect others by social distancing and sheltering at home whenever we can.

If you attend any performances and concerts, don’t expect them to be crowded like they once were. Apart from capacity restrictions, you will probably be required to have masks on and be subjected to temperature checks. Other than that, the performances will still be as amazing as you remember them.

So if you are looking for a concert or performance to attend, here are 5 music events to check out this spring:

Corey Dennison Band

If you are looking for a Chicago blues band to get down and dirty to, then it doesn’t get any better than the Corey Dennison Band. The band was formed in 2013 and has become one of the most highly sought-after bands in Chicago music venues including appearances twice weekly at well-known venues such as Kingston Mines.

As you would guess, the band is led by Corey Dennison who has the most soulful voice you will ever hear. He also plays guitar alongside 3 other bandmates. The Correy Dennison Band has several awards under its belt including being named the Best Emerging Artist from the Blues Music Awards.

You’ll not only love the band’s repertoire, but their energy on stage is also unmatched. Don’t be surprised to see Corey singing, unamplified, while the band accompanies him. You’re going to love every second.

Giles Corey Blues Band, Michael Wheeler Band with Special Guest Peaches Staten

The Giles Corey Blues Band, Michael Wheeler Band with Special Guest Peaches Staten are on tour and are scheduled to keep performing until February 1st, 2022. Giles Corey dabbles in an array of genres including blues, funk music, and some soul.

Corey is the leader of the Giles Coreys Stoned Soul. Previously, Corey was in another band, “Lubriphonic, alongside former drummer Rick King. The Michael Wheeler Band, on the other hand, is well known in the Chicago music community and has been around for a while now. The band is made up of 3 other members, namely, Brian James as keyboardist, Cleo Cole who has been playing drums since he was 10 and Larry Williams, and last but not least, Bass Extraordinaire.

These 2 bands will also feature guest performer Peaches Staten, who has performed with the likes of world-class performers such as Katie Webster, the late Buddy Scott. When Peaches is on stage, you can almost always be sure that the audience will get up on their feet and dance along to her electrifying performance.

The Joanna Connor Blues Band

The Joanna Connor Blues Band is also expected to perform all through the year till February 2022. Often referred to as the queen of Blues Rock Guitar, she has shared the stage with legends such as BB King, Joe Cocker, Robben Ford, and Etta James.

As one of the most well-known names in the Chicago music scene, Connor performs as many as 200 shows per year. she recently released a new album and performs in Kingston Mines at least three nights every week.

Rain Concert Tour

The Rain Concert Tour has been touted as the greatest concert experience that you will ever see. As such, if you are in Chicago this spring, you don’t want to miss it. The Rain Concert Tour was scheduled to take place last year.

However, like many concert tours and live musical performances, it has been held back by restrictions and regulations surrounding the pandemic. It appears as though the Rain Concert Tour will finally happen this Spring much to the delight of Beatles fans in the Windy City.

Brian Mcknight Concert Tour

Brian Mcknight has a couple of performances lined up all through the country. However, he is finally scheduled to perform at the R&B Spring Fest alongside fellow musicians Tevin Campell and El DeBarge. The R&B Spring Fest was supposed to take place last year between March and June.

These performances were rescheduled however owing to the pandemic. If you are in Chicago on April 24th, 2021, make sure that you book your tickets to the Spring Fest early. If you miss it, you will have to catch his next performance, which is scheduled to take place in October 2021 at the R&B Fest in Wintrust Arena.

Anything to know about live performances in Chicago?

Last year, when infection cases were at their peak, the city was forced to cancel all major spring and summer concerts, live performances, and festivals. More cancellations continued to follow and have persisted until this year.

As such, outdoor events will probably not be as prevalent as they have during other past years. The good news is that with vaccination ramping up across not just the city but the state as well, it could point to relaxed rules in the future. For now, all events and musical performances are being kept small to limit the spread and keep everyone safe.

If you do plan on attending any of these performances lined up, be sure to call the venue ahead of time to learn what the expectations are. The last thing you want to do is show up for a fun night of live music only to be turned away at the entrance.

At the very least, you should arrive with a face covering on and be prepared to take a temperature test. Keep in mind that these health guidelines have been set up for your safety. So do your best to follow them.

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