5 Beat Making Secrets Every Newbie Should Know

Beat making is the process of producing new and unique sound by manipulating other pieces of music that already exist such as those from different instruments. The entire process can be quite relatively easy, but producing beats with utmost quality can prove to be quite challenging. Hence, Below are some beat making secrets that every newbie in this genre should know:

1.) Figure Out Your Beat

The first secret that you need to know as a novice beat maker is to figure out your beat based on its purpose. For instance, if you are creating a beat for a rapper, then the beat you need to create must-have numerous open parts to make way for the vocals. On the other hand, if your intention is to create an instrumental album, then you have more flexibility to do any beat that suits your taste.

It may come as a surprise, but the best beats are actually produced with the help of technology. Some of the best beat making software for beginners will allow you to instantly start making your own music for fun and pleasure as if it was crafted by an expert. Make sure that you use one that has minimal technical aspects, but is completely equipped with the technical components you need for a high-level composition and recording.

2.) Start With Simple Patterns

Starting with simple patterns is specifically beneficial with basslines. Basslines can either make a big difference in your beat or it can be negligible. Nevertheless, these prove to be too complex, such that you need to start with simple patterns. An example of a simple but effective pattern would be using one of two bass notes at the beginning of each bar of a four-bar loop. This will make it easier for you to add in other notes and be creative.

3.) Focus On Loops

Loops make up an entire song and as a beginner, it will help to focus on each loop rather than on the entire song. These loops can vary in length and duration and the best beat-makers maximize these loops in creating their entire sound. Figuring out what a loop is will make you realize how easy it is to put together a beat.

4.) Make Your Drums Sound Great

It is important to get a solid foundation in making your beats. Thus, you should focus on making the sound of your drums excellent because it is one of the foundations of a good beat. The sound of the drums holds an entire beat together.

5.) Use Effects Sparingly In Mixing

There are numerous effects that you can choose from, especially if you are recording through a computer. However, most beginners make the mistake of overusing these effects in making their beats and arranging it to form an entire rhythm. As a novice beat maker, it is best to leave the effects first or use them sparingly. Keep in mind that a mix that sounds good even without effects is a great beat creation.

Beat making is an art which anyone can learn. However, you need to practice your technique and get a solid foundation into your music. As a beginner, work out on simple patterns first and focus on building loops before exploring more complex one. Leverage on technology and beat making software and in no time, you will be an expert beat-maker.


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