5 Artists You Don't Want To Miss When The Bassrush Stage Takes Over Okeechobee

6 Artists You Don't Want To Miss When The Bassrush Stage Takes Over Okeechobee

The Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival runs March 5–8, 2020. Get your tickets here! 

The Bassrush stage is coming to Okeeeeeeeeeee, and what a stacked lineup it is. Setting off the entire festival, the Bassrush stage will be for all of those Thursday early arrivers (the lucky ones). The Bassrush stage has always been at the forefront for showcasing bass music, so other than their massive sound system & production, here’s what to expect.

Supertask – This artist had a stellar 2019. His genre-bending style is turning heads everywhere he plays. It seems like the sky’s the limit for this west coast prodigy. We can all but guarantee this is going to be one of the most talked-about sets of the night. 

Ivy Lab – Ivy Lab is actually two people (originally 3). I expect nothing but experimental halftime/breakbeats for an hour straight. Having never seen them live, I’m going off the word on the streets. One thing is certain… dem future bass beats are in our future boyeeeeeeee… For real, it should be dope though. 

Caspa – Caspa is the reason I first got into bass music. Starting with his five-week residency at The Black Box in Denver, Caspa is in the throes of a major comeback. This Bristol, UK native is widely considered to be the OG of that weird good dirty. I only wish he was playing more than one set. Who knows, maybe he’ll stay and hang out for a while. 


Yheti – (Seen Here trading fruit during a trifinity set) Yheti is one of the most influential experimental bass artists in the game at the moment. The only thing I’ve ever seen slow him down was the weather and most of the time he figured that out too. Yheti already has a sort of “cult” following with his Trifinity side project. His main stage, late-night, and sunrise sets all have their own vibe. That late-night dance party is what I’m looking forward to. No matter what, we’re in for a treat.

Huxley Anne – Some say the “Anne” stands for Anarchy. You might even say with the experimental bass beats produced by this LA native, she’s starting her own revolution. Make sure to see her entire set… it’s going to be a weird one.    


ToadFace – Yes, my man toadface is coming to Bassrush night. Coming in with the second wave of artist announcements, this Ohio born producer’s music is very unique. His beats make you feel as if you submerged yourself in a swamp-like it was some kind of deprivation chamber. Let those grumbly bass tones take you on an unforgettable journey through space & grime. 

The only negative thing I have to say about the Bassrush stage… It is that it’s only one night. That does ensure most people showing up for all four days, as it’s easily one of the best parts of this gathering. Show up early, and DO NOT MISS THIS!!!

The Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival runs March 5–8, 2020 Get your tickets here 



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