2016 Hardest Hustlers: Mija - River Beats Dance

2016 Hardest Hustlers: Mija

Mija’s ascent to EDM stardom has been years in the making.

But 2016 was undeniably the breakout year for the young phenom. Playing numerous festivals across the country all summer long wasn’t enough for her, and so when festival season wound down, she launched her own Fk a Genre Tour, an incredibly diverse tour where no two stops had the same roster of artists. She also released a slew of mixes, several incredible remixes, and her hit single with Vindata, “Better”. If that seems like an incredible amount to accomplish in one year, it’s because it is. But that’s not all she did. She also launched her own clothing line, Made By Mija, which has been a massive success. Mija has been one of the busiest and most successful DJs in 2016, and along with fellow rising stars Rezz and Tokimonsta, is proving that the EDM industry isn’t just a boys club anymore.


Her work ethic is unmatched.

Her work ethic spans beyond just playing a lot of shows and festivals. She makes sure each one of those sets is a unique experience, and isn’t afraid to play multiple sets at the same festival, pulling double-duty at Holy Ship!, Movement, Electric Forest, and Summer Set. She also jet sets around the country playing multiple festivals in the same weekend, including a blistering Labor Day schedule that saw her play Sunset, Lightning in a Bottle, and Movement all in the same weekend.

She is humble and personal with all her fans. 

She’s also a social media darling, constantly updating her Instagram and Snapchat feeds with the weird, the adorable, and the massive shows she plays on a nightly basis. Mija has gained a huge following for being incredibly talented, diverse, and personal all at the same time. Her hard work is finally paying off, and we can’t wait to see what 2017 holds for the young phenom.


Staff Writer: Jared Winkel


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