Ten Wildest 12th Planet Moments Caught on Video

Ten Wildest 12th Planet Moments Caught on Video

12th Planet, dubstep veteran and leader of SMOG Records, has had a long and prosperous career pioneering the dubstep era into America and knows no bounds when exploring different styles and genres.  As one of the most diverse artists in the game, listeners are always in for a wild ride. Especially at live shows, where things have been known to get a little bit crazy. Whether throwing it down on huge festival stages or playing smaller and more intimate venues, 12th Planet never performs below full throttle. His reputation of making crowds go wild has been proven time and again through his successful career.

Here are the top ten wildest moments we have found over the internet, while we are sure there are plenty more insane moments that have been undocumented.

1) Camp Bisco Wave Pool 2016

2) Stereo Live 2013

3) Live at Ignition in Orlando 2013

4) HOLY SHIP 2016

5) SMOG 2009

6) 12th Planet Surprise Set at Electric Forest 2015

7) Moshpit at Bombfest 2011

8) 12th Planet b2b Datsik b2b Protohype at SMOG Records 8 Year Anniversary Party 2014

9) Exchange Los Angeles 2016

10) Hudson Theater 2010

12th Planet is on tour now for his 10-year anniversary celebration of SMOG Records.

Check out tour dates and get tickets here.



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