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Sable Valley, New Music, Future Collabs: 11 Things We Learned From RL Grime's Reddit AMA

It’s been a busy 2019 for RL Grime. The producer announced the creation of his brand new label Sable Valley earlier this month, and his first single of 2019, “Arcus,” to kick it off.

Fans have been clamoring for more information on Sable Valley, and RL satisfied those wishes tonight with his very own Reddit AMA. We went ahead and highlighted the top moments. You can dive in below and get caught up! 

1.) It looks like a possible collab with Mr. Carmack isn’t dropping anytime soon. 


2.) His new label Sable Valley is looking for any and all new music.


3.) He shared some thoughts on artist production teams & his creative process.



4.) Like most of us, RL has a list of upcoming artists he’s supporting.


5.) Sable Valley already has several releases lined up for 2019.


6.) He feels more inspired about music than ever before and is ready to do things on his OWN terms. 

7.) He is human and likes tacos. 

8.) Experimental music is a great source of inspiration for him. 

9.) He really cares about our health, and it shows. 

10.) Sable Valley is really about supporting young artists. 

11.) He is a huge fan of Graves and loves collaborating with him on projects.  

You can find RL Grimes’s full AMA here 

Featured Photo: James W. Bailey

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