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10 Things We Learned from Bassnectar’s AMA

This afternoon, Bassnectar spent a little over an hour chatting and answering some deep questions asked by fans.

The AMA hosted via Reddit was the first personal interview opportunity by fans since 2013. Those engaging with Bassnectar (Lorin Ashton) were able to dive deeper into some questions regarding Bass Center, unreleased tracks/remixes, future plans, and personal interests.

Check out some of the highlights from the AMA below.

1) Bassnectar and Tom Morello have an unreleased collab from 2015 together… which is waiting to be released by Morello.

And apparently it “slotttters”. They spent over a year working with vocalists – Big Boi [OutKast] and Killer Mike [Run the Jewels].

“but waiting on Tom Morello to release it, he is working on a whole album so im just chillin :)”

2) A camping Bassnectar experience is in the works for 2018.


3) Ashton has his teaching degree… and would definitely be putting it to good use if he wasn’t making music.

“i think either a high school history teacher or a guidance counselor… OR! i would love to do preschool or kindergarten, i got my teachers degree when i graduated [was busy with a minor in education, minor in electornic music, and a major in Community Studies] and just wanted to work with music and social change, and inspire/protect/guide people who needed friendship and support…. id also love to write novels…like stories or something”

4) His favorite philosopher is Albert Einstein.

“i love Einstein… i read a book he wrote called “Thoughts & Ideas By Albert Einstein” and if you mix that with Ray Kurzweil’s “The Age of Spiritual Machines” and the whimsy of Tom Robbins… thats kind of the philosophy which is echoing around in my brain :)”

You can view the Einstein book in discussion here.

5) He likes his green tea strong… really, really strong. And his wine of choice is Cabernet Sauvignon.

And he eats super healthy – hardly any fruits, and a diet revolving around organic meats and green veggies.

6) He encourages those in the Bassnectar community to be sources of positive influence for others (because obviously, it’s just a ride).


7) Bass Center will be three nights of pure, creative madness taking place during Labor Day Weekend.

“for Bass Center, across three nights, I will conjur up 3 totally distinct sets which feel like the full throttle tour sets, which a totally unique and independant of each other, with all my favorite music, remixed into new versions, going NUTSO on the request line, and basically taking every request that comes in…with a twist :)”

8) He is not a fan of “bozos” that debate setlists.


9) Finding the true first song behind Bassnectar is impossible, and virtually pointless.

What began with psy-trance and 100 CD’s to Burning Man under the name “Amorphous,” gradually grew into “Ananda Enchanted” and “Needzasubwoofer” via DJ Lorin and Bassnectar.

Also, “Freakbeat for the Beatfreaks” is NOT considered an album, despite much debate.

“i literally made like 50 copies maybe? and just gave them out for free. later the press would call it an album, but i never called it an album…”

10) He is human. And his life is spent equally between being a normal human, and being the mastermind behind the Bassnectar project.


Getting to know a little bit more about the legitimate person Ashton is was truly inspiring. Here is to his set this upcoming weekend at Electric Forest Weekend 2!

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