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10 Albums and Tracks That Influenced Wax Future

Wax Future

Keith Wadsworth and Connor Hansell together make up the up and coming electro-soul act, Wax Future. You’ve likely seem them performing alongside your favorite electronica producers like Tipper, Big Gigantic, Vibe Street, and Pretty Lights. Their sound encompasses elements of live guitar, hip-hop, and heavy glitch to create an all around groovy and magnetic listening experience.

We caught up with Keith and Connor before their set opening for Vibe Street in Atlanta recently, to discuss not just what artists they’ve drawn the most influence from, but the specific tracks and albums that have encouraged the sounds of Wax Future.

These tracks aren’t reference points per say, but they’re in there like circles on a tree. These kinds of sounds definitely live with me long term. -Keith

1) “Samso” by Pretty Lights

“Samso” is the first electronic music song that I ever really heard that truly resonated with me. Before we opened for Big Gigantic I was in the back pacing back and forth listening to it in my earphones. – Keith


2) “Circles” by Joe Satrini

As a guitar player this song was huge. It showed me how cinematic and impactful guitar playing could be. -Keith


3) “11th Hour” by Lamb of God

I’m a very big metal fan, and listened to a lot of progressive metal before getting into electronic music. -Keith


4) “Hit That Jive” by Gramatik

This track showed me how well electronic music could swing and be natural. -Keith


5) “Sky High” by Big Gigantic

I’ll never forget I was driving to Bonnaroo with friends, when I heard this track for the first time. It was…laser jazz from outer space. I’d never heard anything like that before. The scales they use and the way they construct songs is so big for me. -Keith


6) “Sunblap To The Soul” by Freddy Todd

This track is such beautiful glitch hop that has a lot of movement. -Keith


I have such a hard time picking tracks. From a production standpoint I always try and judge things as an album. I feel like that’s how the artist wants it to be judged. The music that I love the most is a full record that has a certain ambience to it; a picture the artist painted. – Connor

7) Glowing In The Darkest Night by Pretty Lights

This record really brought me into electronic music territory. Before that I was a big hip-hop head. It’s an incredibly cohesive record, but is all very melancholy. It has a great vibe that most records that are trying to be famous just don’t, and it wasn’t even trying to be a famous record. The sample work is incredible, and really shows this art form making it’s way into electronic music. -Connor


8) Seven Bridges by Break Science

Adam Deitch and Borahm Lee are incredible musicians. This record is something that always inspires me to make new music. -Connor


9) Motifs by 20syl

“Motifs” is 20syl’s newest record. Sonically it sounds incredible…one of the best electronic records I’ve ever heard. It’s not only incredibly engineered, but the mastering is amazing. Any time I listen to that it inspires me to make music, and I wonder if I’m ever going to be that good as a producer. It’s just on a different level production wise. -Connor


10) Awake by Tycho

This album is what I want to listen to hiking, snowboarding, and just being a human. The live instruments used really connect with me, and it has such a nostalgic vibe. Every song is different, yet truly sounds like its from the same record. It’s a record I want to experience life with. It takes me into the moment no matter what I’m doing. It takes me there. -Connor


Now that you’ve glimpsed at the genius behind Wax Future be sure to dive into their charismatic original work. Keep an eye out for more exciting things to come from these guys.


Photo Cred: Kyle Miller The Saucy Monster

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