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1/2 of ODESZA is Celebrating a Birthday, The Other Half Asked Fans What to get him. The Answers are Hysterical

We here at River Beats are all about fan and artist interaction. especially when fans are asked to help pick out a birthday present for said artist. 

This exact thing happened today as Harrison Mills (1/2 of ODESZA) took to Reddit to ask fans on the r/ODESZA page what he should get for his counterpart, Clayton Knight, for his birthday.

As you can imagine, fans were pretty excited about this. Answers ranged from really goofy, to just plain strange. But all in all, this entire thing was pretty damn funny.

Harrison from ODESZA here and I need your help… from r/Odesza

Check out the responses below




 This really got us wondering, what gifts would you get your favorite artist, if given the chance? 

Featured Photo: Julian Bajsel


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