Modern Culture Of The Youth: Do You Know It Well?
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Modern Culture Of The Youth: Do You Know It Well?

The modern world is changing rapidly and so does the culture of youth. YOUTH. Today, it seems easy as never to fall behind the trends. Besides, being too busy with your own stuff like work or studies can leave you barely any time to keep an eye on the modern trends. You can use expert help such as literature review writing service to save some time to keep up with the trends. So, do you really know the modern culture of youth well? Let’s find this out!

Youth Culture Today

Although we all have been teenagers and young adults at a certain point in our life, youth living today is like no other generation in our history. Unlike many of us, they are rising in a highly technological and fast-paced world, which brings up lots of pressure on them. Like no other generation, today’s teens are facing unique difficulties and experiences, and are influenced a lot by the Internet and social media.

What is youth culture like today? Let’s look at the top major factors defining the modern culture of the young generation in 2020:


It is hard to argue with the fact that modern youth is being raised by technology. From early childhood, kids are getting familiar with the tech world getting their first tablets and smartphones. This trend has been emerging rapidly over the past decade and it doesn’t seem to stop there.

Today, youth culture is impossible without technology. Kids and teens do everything online. They use tech to entertain, shop, study, get academic help like at, interact with peers, work, etc. Therefore, technology plays a key role in their lives.

Social Media

Apart from tech, social media is another key factor in shaping the modern culture of new generations. Kids and teens see different social media platforms as tools for self-expression and spend most of their time watching feeds on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other channels.

They use these channels to share their personal stories and learn about everything including current events, trends, and the world in general. According to stats, as much as 67% of teens learn news about everything that’s going on around them and in the world from Facebook.


Another social media channel TikTok has caused a big bang all across the globe last year. Dances and various challenges have been trending in 2019 and it seems like this trend is not going to fade any time soon.

TikTok went viral and became a global trend among children and teens. In 2020, we expect it to evolve even further.


In terms of food, new generations seem to make many different choices. The biggest trends in food among teens are:

  • Simplicity;
  • Environmental friendliness;
  • Ecological packaging;
  • Superfoods;
  • Convenience;
  • Wellness;
  • Experiences.

In 2020, we can observe millennials to make even more conscious food choices.


Fashion has always been a powerful way of self-expression among teenagers and this fact never changes. However, what does change over time are trends. We’ve already seen plenty of youth fashion trends, in 2020, we can expect teens to choose comfort and affordability.

Among the biggest trends are baggy clothes (as was seen last year), oversize, sneakers, and whatever else feels comfortable. Among other big trends are designs in the style of ’70s and ’80s.


Along with the development of technology, gaming has undertaken an important role in kids’ lives. New generations all across the globe are going crazy about modern games. Some of the most popular ones so far have been Minecraft, which has been around for a while and still keeps gaming momentum, and Fortnite, which seems to be trending among older youth.

In addition, mobile games also play an important role in the new generations’ culture. Young people don’t seem to part with their gadgets even for a minute and when they are not busy with watching what’s new on social media, they play games.

Netflix and YouTube

Although both platforms have been around for a while, they are still popular among young people. Both YouTube and Netflix take deserved places in youth culture.

The Bottom Line: Is There A Universal Youth Culture?

While we can see how groups of young adults may have shared values, practices, and tendencies, it is hard to say whether the concept of youth culture really exists. We can’t argue with the fact that certain groups within the same society may have common beliefs, however, it is hard to call it a culture due to the diversity among teens.

Although there are certain trends, they rarely extend to all generations of teens. Be it fashion, music, lifestyle, art or anything else, the beliefs and tendencies within each generation are shaped differently under the influence of numerous factors, such as age, sex, social status, etc. Therefore, defining a single “youth culture” is hard, if not say impossible.

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