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This Unknown Producer Sent Us a Heavy Demo And You Need To Listen Now

This story seems to be a popular one in 2018: mystery producer sends a demo, doesn’t give much information, but the music is amazing.

If you follow the stories of 1788-Lilo ilo you are caught up to speed. If not, a quick recap definitely wouldn’t hurt

This time, the mystery producer’s name is Divinite (Pronounced: DIV // IN // ITEE), and that’s as much information on him there is. His sound is similar to Rezz, K?D, 1788-L. Industrial, glitchy, and dark is what comes to mind; the aesthetic is very similar in nature. This is only his third release on Soundcloud, and second original tune.

What does the future hold for Divinite? That’s hard to predict…but what we do know is that we’ll be following along.

Give his newest single a listen, and let us know what you think. 


Photo: Rukes.Com

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