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Remember That Beethoven Remix From Dead Rocks? It Just Dropped [Listen]

Last week we reported on RUSKO DROPPing AN INCREDIBLE REMIX OF BEETHOVEN’S FÜR ELISE AT DEAD ROCKS. And today, that wonderful remix was released by New Orleans producer Klutch. 

The song opens with the recognizable piano melody & arpeggios we’ve all heard before, or even maybe learned at some point. Within 40 seconds, however, Klutch begins to bring this timeless classic into an electronic context of the 21st century. The drop is still unmistakably Für Elise, expressed now in wubs rather than piano keys.

Being one of the more melodic producer/DJs in the New Orleans scene, Klutch stands apart from the crowd. South Louisiana, especially New Orleans, is home to other rising producers such as sfam, báwldy, and Boarcrock. Known for their heavy, dark, experimental, and sometimes minimal, trap, dub, and riddim. Klutch, as demonstrated by his melodic remix of a timeless classic, seeks to not only make listeners move their heads to-and-fro, but to poke at their emotions as well.


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